Who are we?

50202924_2527111793969610_8784471424820576256_n (1)

We are Jodi, Sam, Dylan and Dotty.

I’m Jodi Ann Bickley (Ternent!) I run a project called One Million Lovely Letters which is a letter writing project I started five years ago and I’m an Author of One Million Lovely Letters (Yellow Kite) and ‘Write A Letter’ which will be out in November with Penguin.Β  I’m a massive worrier, I mean I’m still worrying about text messages I sent in 2002 and a sneeze that may have been percieved as a dirty look in that club one time in 2006. I love stories and finding out about people and their worlds, some may call it nosey – I deem myself curious. I love a Ru Paul’s Drag Race reference, 90s/00s RnB/00s Emo and Pop Punk and rewatching Miranda and The Gilmore Girls episodes. I’ve been married to Sam for just shy of two years and we have known each other since I was sixteen. We are parents to two little girls, Dylan who is two and a half and Dotty who is four months. Sam is a Software Developer for Teamwork.com and has been working remotely for two years, he visits the head office in Cork from time to time which has a massive slide and beanbags which just sounds magical to me. He’s partial to a bit of cooking, he’s had to be as the only way to describe my skill set when it comes to cooking is ‘She tries’ and ‘lacks patience’ which has led to many an undercook meal and various experiments that have fallen flat. Since having children, Sam taking the lead seemed wise. His favourite bands are NoFx and Wheatus and I’m currently sitting three places above him in our Fantasy Football league. Dylan is a two and a half and her partner in crime, adventure and bedtime is Slothie. She enjoys ‘Sarah and Duck’, playing football and toast. Dotty is four months, her current enjoyments are milk, laughing sometimes and crying a lot. Together we live in Kings Heath, Birmingham in a tall, colourful house which has a pink paper flamingo garland in the front window, accompanied by a few trolls, some plastic flowers and a to scale model of a human brain. On August 1st 2018, we leave the UK to live around the world.

(All our little family photos were taken by the gorgeous Emma Case Photography!)

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